ADefense Partst A&D Components, we are pros when it comes to assembling metal components for a wide variety of industrial uses. From high volume staking and riveting operations to resistance welding and brazing, we have all the right equipment needed to do the job professionally. With great cost savings, reduced parts handling, and less paperwork, our assembly services help you to avoid snags in completing your project.

More Cost Efficient

By combining fabrication with assembly, we can often reduce your unit costs for a couple of reasons:

  • As metal fabricating specialists, we have efficient machinery and processes already in place, available for selection of the most economical methods.

  • When working on assembly jobs, our top engineers review the prints and machining procedures to see where they can save you money.

  • Our employees are especially qualified when it comes to tight-tolerance welding, brazing, staking, riveting, and other operations involving small components.


A&D Components uses a wide variety of packaging and handling methods to protect the quality of the precision metal components we make. Whether it’s adhesive paper, cellular packaging, or arrangement in tubes for wires and on dowels, we are careful and precise when it comes to packaging.

Custom packaging is also available to help reduce the handling costs and to eliminate distortion of delicate components. The packaging will allow you to identify, store, transfer, control, and prepare the parts for assembly in the most economical, convenient way. Wherever possible, shipments will be palletized for more economical, safer handling in your plants.